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Tasha - #289
01/27/10 - 05:35 PM
what's up everyone? i am formulating my LOST theories while drinking my afternoon coffee.
01/28/10 - 07:39 AM
"Your cat is an evil genius waiting to happen. Lost- whatever the big reveal is, I don't think it will surpass the mystery. Which makes me think they'll have one of those endings where nothing is resolved, and you're not quite sure what is real and what isn't...kind of like the rest of the show!"
01/28/10 - 11:32 PM
"LOST: the show of million gasps."
01/29/10 - 12:21 AM
"I stopped watching after the second season, cause I was LOST on the plot. And my cat dreams of enslaving my dog."
02/01/10 - 09:42 PM
"@ DoubleFine: the 'Lost'people are huge fans of HL and make references to it in the show. You should get cooler fans, we suck at that kind of thing!"
02/05/10 - 09:52 PM
Tim Schafer:
"Poor Snoopy! Tell Mr. Peterson I said she's a jerk."
07/30/10 - 10:32 PM
"snoopy is just like me. to enemies living together in harmony..."
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