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Tasha - #297
03/08/10 - 08:39 PM
i was going to publish this on friday, but anna & joe k. forced me to go out to dinner instead. hey, it's GDC week! i'm excited.
03/08/10 - 09:46 PM
"oops i forgot to put rosy cheeks on the beefcake dude. must fix immediately!"
03/09/10 - 03:22 PM
"dear lord. you look crazy in the second panel."
03/09/10 - 05:21 PM
"Zerg is right, lol."
03/10/10 - 08:44 PM
"This just further proves my theory that one day all technology will grow arms, legs and faces and enslave the human race. Resist!"
03/10/10 - 09:11 PM
"dear zerg & seth, well, this is what smelling coffee does to me. you don't have to call me lord though."
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