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Tasha - #300
04/13/10 - 03:41 PM
Part 2 of my Dominican Rep. trip. guess what, this is comic #300!! by the way thanks to the 3 of you who bought my mini-comic at WonderCon even though i was unable to attend smile
04/13/10 - 05:18 PM
"@Tasha: Whew!!! comic #300!!! way to go!!!"
04/14/10 - 07:24 PM
"Yay number 300! Go Tasha!!"
04/15/10 - 01:43 PM
"thanks dudes!"
04/20/10 - 08:33 PM
Call me Squinky:
"Hey what a coincidence, I'm reading Wolves of the Calla right now too (and Swann's Way, it's a really weird combination, I know)."
04/06/11 - 03:04 AM
"Panel 1 is a classic R Crumb pose."
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