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Tasha - #303
04/28/10 - 01:54 PM
Dominican Rep. journal comics Part 5 - this is the last journal comic, i'll be going back to drawing regular comics now, as much as i can find time for smile
04/29/10 - 03:37 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"*Somewhere far off in another galaxy in a distant, yet slightly noticable voice* No."
04/30/10 - 09:48 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"Tasha darling, I found this lovely comic you wrote on the internet. Your drawing of me clearly reveals your love. Will you go out with me? --Fenilon"
04/30/10 - 01:16 PM
"I imagine that scenario similar to my showing up randomly at Double Fine for a job. "How about now?" TIM: No. "Just for an hour?" TIM: No. "I'll be your best friend." TIM: Let me think about it."
04/30/10 - 01:37 PM
"you didnt use that japanese perfume did you?"
04/30/10 - 02:57 PM
"@chief wakamakamu hahaha"
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