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Tasha - #306
05/07/10 - 11:55 AM
it's weird how there are certain moments in your childhood that stick in your mind. this is one of those for me...there are others that i will probably eventually do more comics about.
05/07/10 - 01:12 PM
DF Bagel:
"aw, nice yellow high tops and banana seat"
05/07/10 - 04:19 PM
"awwwww... its so cute, sad and funny at the same time."
05/08/10 - 02:20 AM
Sam Pagan:
"When I was around 5 or so I went with my grandpa to get a haircut. He was busy reading the newspaper and didn't pay attention, so when the hairdresser was done and my grandma came to check on us, I had really short hair and looked like a boy. My older brother kept getting comments from our neighbors on how cute his little brother was."
05/08/10 - 02:21 AM
Sam Pagan:
"To clarify, I'm a girl :P "Sam Pagan" is short for Samantha Paganelli. Obviously that's me."
05/08/10 - 06:36 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"I've often been mistaken for girl."
05/09/10 - 06:10 PM
"Yeah...that has happened to me as an adult, too which is pretty embarrassing. I will never cut my hair short again unless I'm being paid millions for a blockbuster movie role or something, he he. I'm a total tom boy, too which makes it worse."
05/11/10 - 12:48 PM
"I remember those shorts!"
07/30/10 - 08:52 PM
"at least u weren't a girly girl"
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