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Tasha - #310
05/25/10 - 03:56 PM
the cats have different methods of playing with a paper bag.
05/25/10 - 05:20 PM
"I was expecting a LOST finale related comic not a kitty related one lol. All of my LOST-obsessed friends are all very vocal about their grief over the end of the show lol"
05/26/10 - 02:36 AM
"Ending was meh. A bit too inspired by the ending of Narnia. But at least it had some good music and closed the character stories off nicely."
05/26/10 - 11:25 AM
"See, with cats, you save paper bags as toys. With dogs, you save plastic bags to pick up poop. Dogs drink water out of big plastic buckets, and cats poop in them. Cats, however, can be taught to poop in the toilet, which the dog will drink out of. Dogs and cats are strange things."
05/26/10 - 02:10 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"This reminds me of a funny story *tells story* yeaah, good times."
05/27/10 - 02:40 AM
"That reminds me, the Tasha button fell off my backpack today! I think it fell off somewhere in my house though, so hopefully I'll find it again..."
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