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Tasha - #311
05/28/10 - 01:43 PM
if you want to lose hours of sleep too, you can download the popcap mac pack here:
05/28/10 - 03:57 PM
"if bejeweled and peggle where women i would marry them both and have a million kids."
05/29/10 - 12:37 AM
"I prefer Plants vs Zombies myself~"
05/29/10 - 12:53 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"Bookworm Adventures! Best game ever."
05/29/10 - 12:32 PM
"Gotta love Popcap and their crazy-addictive-fun games"
05/29/10 - 04:11 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"You look like me when I play Mass Effect."
05/30/10 - 09:23 PM
"i look like that when i play Mass Effect 2, also. and.. i think chuzzle is cleverly designed to make you think you're about to lose, and then let you baaaaaarely eke through, causing you to feel smart and want to keep playing."
06/01/10 - 08:46 AM
"I still haven't gotten over tropico, that shit is timeless."
06/01/10 - 08:48 AM
"What the fuck? Since when do we need a cocknobblin curse filter?"
06/01/10 - 10:59 AM
Jellyfish Opera:
"I also get that way when I'm running over animals in Brutal Legend...oh how those hours just went by...productive natural selection I say."
06/04/10 - 09:21 PM
"That can be fun, but I usually get more caught up trying to establish a sustainable hextadon population on the first continent."
06/19/10 - 01:18 AM
"I used to have my mom's old netbook on which I exclusively played a neverending game of chuzzle. It was really slow unless that was pretty much all it had on it, but that was okay because that's all it was ever used for. poor old lappy."
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