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Tasha - #312
06/01/10 - 12:09 PM
man, that 3 day weekend was the best! i played Mass Effect 2 almost all day yesterday.
06/01/10 - 01:17 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Oh jeez...I can't count the amount of times this has happend to me, all you humans look alike. On another note I did the EXACT same thing, played Mass Effect all day (with a little drawing put in). Hehe Jack is such a fire cracker."
06/01/10 - 01:33 PM
"Man, I hate it when that happens. Even more so when people legitimately recognize me and I don't remember THEM. Awkward!! Oh, and hey, Tasha did you hear they are making a Mass Effect movie?"
06/01/10 - 01:40 PM
"Weeeird I was all up on ME2 yesterday as well. This situation is something I can relate to. Just the other day I blew someone off I knew at work because I'd forgotten who they were...until about 15 minutes too late."
06/02/10 - 05:15 AM
"omg I hate when that happens! What's worse is when you wave/say "Hi" to the person and it's actually someone you don't know!"
07/30/10 - 08:47 PM
"at least u didn't go "hey dane sup?""
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