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Tasha - #317
06/23/10 - 09:13 PM
hi, sorry for the delay in updating. i have been crazy busy. but in a good way, mostly. i had a super good weekend last weekend in Elk. hmm what else is going on in my life? i ordered a Roomba. that should make for some good comic material.
06/23/10 - 10:57 PM
Royal Flush:
"I love mini-vaca's there like going on vacation not going on a real one...god I really dont how to word this sentence."
06/24/10 - 03:52 PM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Haha my "mini-vacation" this summer is taking me to Aust and Venice! I'm super exicted though the lack of a car ride will upset as I can't have epic travel music."
06/25/10 - 12:31 PM
Royal Flush:
"OMG I love the car rides! They may be my favorite and not favorite of my vaca's! What ups the fun for me is that I annoy my brother constantly. "THERE IS NO MAGINTA CAR OUT THERE." lies Eric, I saw one."
07/30/10 - 10:18 PM
"Joe sounds a lot lik my brother."
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