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Tasha - #318
06/25/10 - 01:34 PM
i still think it was joe's coffee cup.
06/25/10 - 03:36 PM
"Is it a bad sign to recognize the games? Should i seek help?"
06/25/10 - 03:41 PM
"I can recognize Super Mario Galaxy 2...I'm not sure about the other one...I guess that makes me only half as crazy as you lol."
06/25/10 - 03:47 PM
"Also, @Tasha, is there coffee in the coffee cup? Because that would be really gross (It looks like you colored it to show there is some in there but that might be artistic license, so I thought I'd ask)"
06/25/10 - 08:55 PM
"yes there was nasty coffee in the cup."
06/26/10 - 06:46 AM
"@ SuperJaneEyre the other one is Red Dead Redemption"
06/26/10 - 06:47 AM
"for xbox360"
06/27/10 - 03:34 AM
"Is this what people call passive agression?"
06/28/10 - 12:18 AM
Sam Pagan:
"tasha, I do the same types of experiments and they usually always fail :/"
06/29/10 - 01:34 AM
"i play this game often, it is the chicken of dishes."
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