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Tasha - #319
07/02/10 - 09:43 AM
tgif. and happy 3-day weekend if you live in the US. this weekend i am planning to work, sleep, & watch some world cup. btw...if you haven't watched the excellent show Spaced, you should.
07/02/10 - 03:01 PM
Sam Pagan:
"haha aw, poor Snoopy. Soon they'll be best friends and Collin will be giving the kitties rides."
07/02/10 - 10:25 PM
"that dog, is the coolest dog."
07/30/10 - 07:16 PM
"u r good at drawbg dogs"
05/10/11 - 02:54 PM
""Colin! Dance for me!""
11/17/11 - 04:29 PM
"You just became more awesome because of the spaced reference! Shit, Colin's been abducted!"
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