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Tasha - #321
07/09/10 - 07:17 PM
yay, weekend...i have to work though. boo hoo. hopefully i can find some time to watch some more "Breaking Bad".
07/10/10 - 08:12 AM
Jellyfish Opera:
"I love how her expression never changes. I had no friends come in for the weekend, but I Predators is a pretty awesome movie."
07/10/10 - 05:10 PM
"Her Smile says "Yes" but her eyes say "GRRRRRRRRRR""
07/12/10 - 08:14 AM
"In Australia, they call candy "wallawallafoomookajoomoo.""
07/14/10 - 07:20 PM
"she looks so angry and happy at the same time."
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