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Tasha - #324
08/02/10 - 01:39 PM
this weekend i zombied out and watched 6 episodes of Breaking Bad, and played through Puzzle Agent. oh yeah, did i tell you to buy Puzzle Agent yet?
08/03/10 - 11:28 PM
Royal Flush:
" I gotta buy Puzzle Agent..."
08/04/10 - 10:12 PM
Jack C:
"I've been trying to convince all my friends to buy Puzzle Agent. So far only 2 of them fell got it. This game needs to get popular."
08/06/10 - 12:19 AM
"I wanna get it, but my computer does crap all for games and it still hasn't come out on wiiware yet. And no one seems to know when it will...grr..."
08/06/10 - 05:54 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"I just bought Puzzle Agent. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, though."
08/06/10 - 09:40 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"Several hours later, I beat it. So much for sleep. Story was interesting and quirky, loved the art style. Also convinced me I should check out the Professor Layton games."
08/10/10 - 02:24 AM
"@Chief Wakamakamu for sure check out Prof Layton those are great!"
08/10/10 - 06:39 PM
"Puzzle Agent is amazing! :-) I was into Grickle back when he just had YouTube videos. Pretty much anything by TellTale or DoubleFine is naturally going to be good..."
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