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Tasha - #325
08/10/10 - 02:59 PM
"Awwwww :)"
08/10/10 - 04:05 PM
"Your game was just announced! Congrats! Go back to that store and pet the cat again, on the house!"
08/10/10 - 04:40 PM
"I am like this with every animal on a daily basis. ALSO YOUR GAME HAS JUST BEEN ANNOUNCED TO THE WORLD~ HOW DO YOU FEEL?"
08/10/10 - 04:50 PM
"haha great! kind of distracted!"
08/10/10 - 07:50 PM
"anyone else find it odd that there's just a cat sitting randomly on a pedestal in some store window."
08/11/10 - 12:37 AM
"This reminds me of my girlfriend's reaction to every animal. Also, holy moly your game!"
08/11/10 - 03:46 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"Your girlfriend yells "Kitty!" whenever she sees any animal?"
08/11/10 - 02:20 PM
"ha ha not only do I do that, but now my husband does, too. He called me yesterday just to say he saw a kitty. Yay kitties...."
08/11/10 - 03:25 PM
"I do that with cats and dogs all the time. I'll be driving and see an animal outside and I'll be like, "DOGGY!!!" and friend is like, "DUDE, WATCH THE ROAD!!!""
08/11/10 - 04:40 PM
"This is my first Tasha comic ever! I'm now going backwards and reading all the's like a time machine. It's fantastic!"
08/13/10 - 01:51 PM
"Hey this remids of the Hot ballon festival at the park for some reason! I always bring my dog and it erks me when so much people freaking ask, "oooh can I pet your doggie!!!!!!" I get to the point where I just say [now I want to keep this clean] off! I can only bet it [now I want to keep this clean]!"
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