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Tasha - #326
08/12/10 - 12:18 PM
guess what? my game was announced! times are exciting right now. i can't wait to show you guys more soon. also! me, scott c. & nathan stapley will be at the SPX comic convention in september, our names are even on the website now.
08/12/10 - 02:53 PM
"Oh so your the mighty vixen who came up with the idea? Well thank you."
08/12/10 - 03:39 PM
"I knew that the characters just screamed your style, and this is proof."
08/12/10 - 05:34 PM
"lol ya, i knew too from the rosy checks"
08/13/10 - 03:18 PM
"Totally cool, I can't wait to play it. Good luck! :D"
08/14/10 - 10:19 AM
"So excited for your game Tasha. First thing I thought of when I saw it was Earthbound among other things, God I loved that game. Will Tim Schafer be contributing any of his trademark quirkiness to the title?"
08/15/10 - 12:29 AM
"You gonna let your creations talk to you like that Tasha?"
08/15/10 - 02:48 PM
Rai the Bropiphany:
"Maybe your Tasha costume could transform you into a giant Tasha to do battle with them"
08/16/10 - 11:17 AM
"Probably not the place to ask this, but will this be on PC?"
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