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Tasha - #328
08/23/10 - 01:04 PM
contrary to what my mom is saying above, CQ is not coming out for PS2, but is coming out for PS3. just to avoid confusion smile also, watch the trailer:
08/23/10 - 04:57 PM
"Won't she need an Xbox or PlayStation to buy it?"
08/24/10 - 10:25 AM
"I'm with your mom on this one, That robotic rainbow maned unicorn would make an AWESOME tattoo."
08/25/10 - 09:17 AM
Jellyfish Opera:
"Haha Unicorn tattoos can be pretty hardcore if done right. Maybe you should buy her an Xbox for christmas."
08/29/10 - 02:51 PM
"The Bathroom-Heartbot is getting a friend!"
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