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Tasha - #330
09/07/10 - 12:23 PM
i know i'm a little late to the peggle party, but hey i missed a lot of games in the time i spent playing WoW... also! this weekend i will be here: selling my mini-comics and sharing tables D14-D16 with , , , , and i am getting excited!!!
09/07/10 - 06:24 PM
"Don't feel bad, once finally get Plants vs Zombies on retail for the 360, I'll enjoy both Zuma and Peggle for the first time as well!"
09/07/10 - 07:04 PM
Royal Flush:
"Oh man not you too tasha?"
09/08/10 - 11:52 AM
"My roommate just got stuck on PvZ. I've spent my last couple nights getting through the first three screens of I Wanna be the Guy. Video game addiction is unhealthy, but oh so worth it."
09/08/10 - 05:27 PM
"You just started playing Peggle? I did too"
09/09/10 - 08:04 AM
"I can't wait until you start playing Plants VS Zombies if you haven't already. I easily spent 100 hours on that game 8|"
09/09/10 - 05:57 PM
"Nope i still haven't played Plants Vs. Zombies either. i'm sure i will play way too much of it soon."
09/10/10 - 02:45 PM
"@Hungryfreak OMG I love "I Wanna Be the Guy"! I made it past the Zangeif boss battle but only because the game glitched haha."
09/11/10 - 11:57 AM
DF Greg:
"Weird, I just talked to you about the Peggle Rabbit yesterday before I even saw this!"
09/11/10 - 04:41 PM
"@SJE: I still can't get past the first Ghosts & Ghouls screen. So frustrating, yet so addicting."
09/12/10 - 11:50 PM
"Phew. Finally caught up to the current strip. It's been a fun ride! Makes me want to: (1) find a faq and finally finish brutal legend and (2) try making a comic strip about my company"
09/13/10 - 09:55 AM
"Hey Tasha, I have only just discovered your comic and game from a link on the monkey island website. I have to admit that I was a bit suprised/delighted at first because your comic representation of yourself looks like me (when I'm wearing my glasses) and I'm a Tasha too! I am happy to find a Tasha who also is a gaming nerd and a cat lover :)!/photo.php?pid=2434706&fbid=1158063024964&op=9&o=global&view=global&subj=1029410611&id=1029410611 this is my most Tasha-alike picture to date"
09/13/10 - 12:50 PM
"ok my hair is a little bit longer :P"
09/14/10 - 05:17 PM
"@Doppeltasha haha you do kind of look like me. I didn't know the monkey island website linked over here. cool."
09/17/10 - 11:49 AM
"oh god i think this is my favorite strip."
01/03/11 - 08:51 PM
"I had a teacher use this strip as an example for fun and games: "So she's playing Peggle, and here, juicy happens!" I don't get it either."
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