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Tasha - #331
09/14/10 - 04:18 PM
SPX was awesome! met a lot of cool people and learned of some other awesome comics i should be reading. it was really inspiring. i hope this inspires me to update my comic more often.
09/14/10 - 06:36 PM
Tim Schafer:
"Ha ha. Best portrait of Scott ever. Got the hand placement and jutting chin just right."
09/14/10 - 06:36 PM
Tim Schafer:
"Also the relative height difference looks pretty accurate."
09/15/10 - 11:41 AM
"I hope you guys come back next year (even if I have no idea if I'll be around)!"
09/16/10 - 12:23 AM
"Bagel is not that hot. stop being ridiculous."
09/16/10 - 05:52 PM
Royal Flush:
"I wonder who sold more..."
09/16/10 - 08:39 PM
"Got stuff-envy?"
09/18/10 - 02:20 AM
"Scott does have some awesome stuff. Which reminds me, I need to get that stuff framed and up on my walls, like, soon!"
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