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Tasha - #336
10/18/10 - 09:57 PM
APE was really fun. hung out with all my comics bros and met lots of cool people. i can't believe it, but i actually only spent $8! i bought a cute little ghost guy from check out Michael Fleming's work, it's pretty amazing. also, a little news item for you. Costume Quest comes out TOMORROW for PSN! And WEDNESDAY for XBLA! whoo exciting.
10/18/10 - 11:15 PM
Sam Pagan:
"What?? How did you get your wacom pen to work in WoW? I tried to do that but it only made the camera spin really fast :/ I'm tried looking up a tutorial or something to help me but I can't find any :( I would be really grateful if you could help :) My email is samlpagan [@], or you can tell me here and I'll check back later. Anyway, sorry for getting all rambly but I'm really excited to find out that it is possible to use my pen tablet for WoW (I only play occasionally but still). /rant"
10/19/10 - 04:47 PM
"Does it come put at exactly midnight Wednesday cause if it does then I'm totally stay up tonight."
10/19/10 - 05:49 PM
"@zerg_x no idea on the XBOX schedule yet, but i think it comes out at 4pm today on PSN."
10/21/10 - 12:05 AM
"I've just finished a whole lot of awesome hours of Costume Quest, pretty much the definition of pure fun. Thanks Tasha and the Double Fine team for such an amazing experience! I want more. ;)"
10/21/10 - 11:19 AM
"Huh. Sam, mine did that when I tried to play P-nauts with a digitizer. I solved it by finding the exact center of my tablet, and I mean the -exact- center, and putting a Sharpie dot on that spot. Then it was just a matter of training my hand to keep the pen centered on that dot. In any case, it turns out to not be a very efficient way to play the game, so I ditched the method after about 30 minutes."
10/21/10 - 11:21 AM
"Tasha I love this game so much that I want spend another 15 bucks on it!"
10/21/10 - 08:30 PM
Sam Pagan:
"Thanks Katez. I'd like to give it a try at least just because I'm diligent until defeated. :D"
10/23/10 - 04:06 AM
"I just finished Costume Quest literally minutes ago. It was awesome. Congratulations, and thank you."
03/13/11 - 09:50 AM
"@Sam Pagan I think it works if you put it in mouse mode."
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