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Tasha - #337
10/26/10 - 01:54 PM
so yeah, Costume Quest is out now! go buy it! here is an interview with me about it on Gamasutra:
10/26/10 - 03:25 PM
"Bought. Downloaded. Played. Enjoyed. Completed. More please :)"
10/26/10 - 05:42 PM
"same. fantastic job on the game, but I dread there will be no dlc :("
10/27/10 - 03:10 PM
Acefox :
"Got it first day it became available- sweet game, Tash! Is there an Easter Egg Tasha costume?"
10/27/10 - 05:47 PM
"Their should be a Tasha costume!"
10/27/10 - 06:17 PM
"Tasha - this game is fantastic. I played through it all in one sitting because it was impossible not to - everything is clever and cute and captivating. Also, I crave more! The gameplay is solid enough that a sequel is easy to imagine, and I know you guys have good imaginations. If it was twice as long and cost twice as much, I know I would not complain. For real."
10/27/10 - 07:45 PM
"@acefox & zerg_x look for a girl in a devil costume in Fall Valley named Tasha :)"
10/27/10 - 07:45 PM
"thanks for the compliments everyone!!"
10/28/10 - 12:37 AM
"re - #326/#337: They really are tall! So if Dorsilla was in the comic she would need a panel two/three times the height to fit?"
10/28/10 - 03:05 AM
"I SO want this game. Unfortunately, I have no XBox :'("
10/28/10 - 03:12 PM
Tim Schafer:
"Man, those kids are giant! Their brains are the size of beach balls. They must be really smart!"
10/28/10 - 09:47 PM
"Code? HA! I bought it day 1. Still very much enjoying it!"
10/31/10 - 09:50 PM
"I bought it on Friday and played through the entire game 100 percent in one sitting for like 6 hours. Oh my, I couldn't put it down. Just too charming. Oh and running into Gob was awesome."
11/01/10 - 10:04 AM
"am i a dork for not being able to figure out how to get out of your home culdesac, or is that all that's in the demo?"
11/01/10 - 01:15 PM
"Beautiful game, thanks for making it."
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