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Tasha - #339
11/08/10 - 01:05 PM
hi everyone. i played video games all weekend. it was awesome.
11/08/10 - 02:26 PM
"Baby Tasha Jr.? .............YES! I want baby Tasha Jr. NOW!!!"
11/08/10 - 05:37 PM
"You get 'em girl!"
11/09/10 - 08:58 AM
"Have Joe call me if he needs coaching on how to be completely freaked out about the idea of a baby. (SECRET NOTE: It's easy!)"
11/12/10 - 08:36 PM
Royal Flush:
"*laughs ass off* I like how die stands out of every sentence"
11/17/10 - 05:42 AM
"It's a lot harder to train a baby to use the litter box. They're just so fussy."
11/18/10 - 02:20 AM
"@epic brutal not pregnant, it's just fun to freak my boyfriend out every once in a while :)"
11/19/10 - 12:31 PM
"Less talking more baby making Tasha! Tim is already up by one, ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE THAT FROM A MAN WITH A BEARD!?!"
12/25/10 - 08:08 PM
"@epicbrutal, no she shouldnt"
12/24/12 - 03:40 AM
"It's official. Her Christmas card confirmed that she's pregnant."
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