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Tasha - #342
12/06/10 - 01:13 PM
hi everyone. how was your weekend? my weekend was pretty nice. i went to DF artist Mark Hamer's show, where he had lots of awesome paintings of birds. i also said goodbye to awesome DF animator Christine, who is moving to Seattle to work at some less fabulous company over there. :C you know what that means though? one open slot in friday dim sum. we'll have to vote someone in. Also, next weekend is the Spike Video Game Awards and i am heading down to L.A. for that. i am excited! ps. Cataclysm comes out tomorrow! lots of cool stuff going on!
12/07/10 - 09:46 AM
12/07/10 - 12:44 PM
"Don't bash the artichokes! They are most delicious!"
12/07/10 - 06:06 PM
Royal Flush:
"Euh, self check-outs! God they are so annoying and un responsive. I guess they be find IF THE OLD HAG WOULD NOT SLEEP AND LOOK AT THE SCREEN TO CONFIRM THE PAYMENT. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
12/07/10 - 07:50 PM
that guy:
"tashadid you get special edition my mom did and lil deathwing is cute"
12/08/10 - 11:03 PM
"i looooove artichokes. now i want to make artichokes tonight."
12/12/10 - 11:39 PM
"I felt like that that one time when the gumball machine malfunctioned and gave me six gumballs."
12/25/10 - 08:09 PM
"what happened to me was switched, i had to put in 6 quarters to get one gumball, or something like :("
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