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Tasha - #347
01/14/11 - 10:27 PM
luckily when i got to work, steve told me i can take the hard drive off the xbox and transfer it to another xbox. PHEW! that was scary for a second.
01/14/11 - 11:42 PM
"We hope you fix the red ring of death! :)"
01/15/11 - 12:48 AM
Watch Out For Snakes:
"This moment is like coming home and finding out that your 3-year old guinea pig died. Yeah, it's not surprising given it's average life span, but it's still sad. ;("
01/15/11 - 12:40 PM
Deus Ex Machina:
"That's why I <3 the future. Remember when Sega didn't even have a save capability? Wow, that made me feel old."
01/17/11 - 01:58 PM
"I almost had a scare like this the other day. Good thing everything is fine now :D"
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