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Tasha - #351
01/28/11 - 05:03 PM
not a lot of stuff going on lately. yup.
01/28/11 - 06:11 PM
"also, i had some text in this comic at first but it was better without it."
01/28/11 - 06:43 PM
"I like to imagine this was inspired by one of my other fave DF comics: Each year, one of you will draw about drawing."
01/30/11 - 05:54 PM
"This is kindof random but i think you guys should make a brutal legend two where eddie has a son who resembles james paul luna from holy grail :D"
02/12/11 - 08:00 PM
"This comic portrays an emotion and mind-set that I am all too familiar with. I love it!"
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