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Tasha - #352
02/04/11 - 01:19 PM
haven't been able to update the comic much this week, this moving stuff has been taking up a lot of after-work time. also, getting ready for my trip to Middlesbrough, UK tomorrow for my Animex talk...which i haven't practiced. i should probably practice. here is a link to the festival, if you're interested.
02/04/11 - 10:04 PM
Watch Out For Snakes:
"I think "MAOW" is the cat sound that universally means "SOMETHING IS WRONG YOU GUYS"."
02/05/11 - 06:16 PM
"it looks like snoopy is in the early stages of parkinson's syndrome..."
02/05/11 - 06:24 PM
"and it also seems that mr.peterson really enjoys mimicing the dark knight"
02/08/11 - 03:05 PM
"What are you talking about. Mr. Peterson IS The Dark Knight."
02/09/11 - 11:48 AM
Mr. Lingo:
"With my move to a house in the near future, I'll be excited to see how my cats take the change too"
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