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Tasha - #353
02/11/11 - 10:10 PM
Had a great time at Animex- met lots of cool people! It was too short though. Upcoming! We found out that we (Double Fine) got a table at WonderCon this year! So me, Gabe Miller, and our awesome office manager Laura will be selling some phat loot at the DF table. Hope to have some Costume Quest -related stuff by then also... it's gonna be in San Francisco Apr. 1-3.
02/12/11 - 12:03 AM
"Thanks for the wonderful talk! Thankyou for letting me see a little bit of your inner child :) Putting the faces to the games was awesome, especially as everyone showed immense enthusiasm for not only thier game, but everyone elses as well. Truly a supportive industry :) Also, the only person to get a standing ovation this year was Eric Goldberg and he talked for 3 hours :)"
02/12/11 - 10:11 AM
"I like how whenever you are reunited with him, you like hold each other in the middle of the room and just talk. there was a creepy couple at my school kinda like that except they would walk down the hallway in each others arms with their heads down mumbling to each other. wiiieeerd"
02/12/11 - 04:30 PM
Acefox :
"@Tasha - cool! I plan to be there then! So happy I'll get to meet you guys! Also, a sitting ovation is the next best thing to a standing one!"
02/14/11 - 12:30 PM
"You should go to Youmacon in October ;D"
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