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Tasha - #358
03/09/11 - 10:05 PM
i also had a horrible headache last night. i think i was dehydrated- this temp apartment i'm in gets really stuffy at night and i wake up all sweaty. i guess i'm not used to having such luxuries as "heat". can't wait to move back to my normal, cold place. anyway, i'm feeling better today.
03/10/11 - 02:06 AM
Acefox :
"Too many covers maybe? Also, gotta remember to drink lots of H2O after you party ;)"
03/10/11 - 02:10 AM
"I don't play WoW since it reminds me of a no-future BS job I had for WAY too long. If it takes 40 hours a week tied to a computer than it is TOO CLOSE TO A JOB."
03/10/11 - 02:12 AM
"Oh and drawing more sweet comics and petting cats are both EXCELLENT ways to kill time and it does not cost a ton of money!!"
03/10/11 - 06:47 AM
"Don't exercise, that's just giving up! You need to buy a whole heap of graphic novels, a ton of Craig Thompson! Or Liz Prince and Jeffrey Brown. You'd like those two, they are kinda similar to your little comics and definitely excellent. And you need to pick up a guitar! Or even better a Hurdy Gurdy! Or a Banjo. (Then you could write a letter to recruitment telling them all about Jim in England and how he needs a job animating at double fine because its his DESTINY)"
03/10/11 - 10:13 AM
"Yeah ya gotta remember to drink several glasses of water a day. Every time I'm playing a lot of video games and get a headache, I go to drink a glass of water and it always goes away. You need a new little project. You have some really fun art skills, why not learn some HTML (if you haven't already) and make a personal website? If you've already done that then I guess the next logical step is to be consumed by Minecraft."
03/11/11 - 02:13 PM
"Maybe you should play Horde instead of Alliance. You know how filthy all those Night Elves are? FILTHY! That's why I play Undead."
03/11/11 - 11:11 PM
"@JimJames i love liz prince & jeffrey brown's comics :)"
06/21/11 - 11:04 PM
"I stopped playing the sims because I realized I was managing their lives better then I was mine... it didn't help. Rock climbing is really fun."
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