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Tasha - #359
03/11/11 - 10:16 PM
the pizza turned out pretty delicious actually. if you want to make it yourself check out the recipe (thanks emeril!). NOTE: the recipe is for 2 pizzas (i halved the recipe) also, i would recommend making a bit more sauce. i also added more garlic & a layer of spinach.
03/12/11 - 03:05 AM
Acefox :
"I love how you turn into a [url=]Chain Chomp[/url] there while you eat your pizza. I also applaud your devotion to start a project like this so late at night!"
03/14/11 - 06:21 AM
"Sounds tasty, if time consuming...but I'm curious as to what the greenery under the sauce is in panel 4."
03/14/11 - 09:35 AM
"@finch: that would be the layer of spinach."
03/14/11 - 09:42 AM
"Apologies, didn't read Tasha's explanation above properly (sorry Tasha). Clearly she established that there was spinach involved. I think I got distracted by thinking about jambalaya as soon as I saw "Emeril"."
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