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Tasha - #360
03/14/11 - 09:24 PM
on the other hand, i'm a lot less stressed out, which is nice.
03/14/11 - 11:33 PM
"I had no idea you where married."
03/16/11 - 06:28 AM
"To be honest, this makes it sound like you need a hug. I'd offer a virtual one, but I don't want to overstep my bounds and come across creepy."
03/16/11 - 09:01 AM
"I think you should add 'published Tasha comic' to that list."
03/16/11 - 12:02 PM
"The glasses aren't sliding down... they are bending spontaneously!"
03/19/11 - 12:24 PM
"Hey, Tasha, can you answer a bunch of personal questions that aren't creepy at all?"
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