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Tasha - #361
03/25/11 - 08:40 PM
WonderCon is coming up in a little over a week! Me and Gabe Miller will be there, selling our minicomics, and Ye Olde Double Fine shoppe will be there selling all sorts of DF goodies. DF was there last year, but this is my first time at Wondercon. If you're in SF April 1-3, come on by! (Gabe and I will probably not be there on Friday, though)
03/26/11 - 06:37 AM
"I also have two cats, Josephine and Gretha. It's such a fun to compare your cats with mine. For example, Josephine tries to avoid Gretha (like Mr. Peterson tries to avoid Snoopy), but she is totally white. Gretha is dark grey, she likes to act similarly to Mr. Peterson on this comic: sharpens claws on chairs, sofa, carpet and walls, rolls on a carpet begging for flatter and leaving hair on a carpet. And when I start flattering her suddenly she scratches my arm and bites me. I remember the same situation in one of your past comics."
03/27/11 - 01:58 AM
"Good thing it's a temp apartment so you can just leave it."
03/30/11 - 01:47 PM
Mr. Lingo:
"I'll be there, too bad I don't have a physical copy of CC for you to sign..."
04/01/11 - 06:55 PM
"With bulldogs it isn't the dark fur spots on the rug so much as the slobber on all the walls."
04/04/11 - 12:02 AM
"Thanks for signing two of your comics for us! Getting caught up on some of your older comics now."
04/25/11 - 09:02 PM
"@Diana: I used to own a bulldog, the biggest problem isn't the slobber, but the fact that they can't bend around very well and do some "personal hygiene" and will instead use any surface that they can scratch their backsides against... So... they leave skid marks all over your furniture... and it's disgusting!"
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