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Tasha - #362
04/01/11 - 08:29 PM
why yes, i am drinking a glass of red wine with my Totino's Party Pizza. special thanks on this comic to dustin harbin, for doing awesome diary comics and reminding me about Totino's Party Pizzas. check out his stuff here: also, wondercon tomorrow and sunday! come by table 141 in Artist's Alley and i'll trade Mii Streetpasses with you.
04/02/11 - 03:22 PM
"Lol, I was the same way as a kid too. I still get made fun of for it by my family >:("
04/03/11 - 01:54 PM
"Never had the Party Pizzas, but the Pizza Rolls are the greatest invention ever."
04/03/11 - 11:52 PM
"I remember growing up as a latch-key kid making "Mama Celeste" pizzas that were so cheap but so good."
04/04/11 - 10:39 AM
Mr. Lingo:
"Hey, Tasha, it was a pleasure meeting you this weekend at WonderCon. Thanks for signing and drawing cat pictures on the comics I bought off of you! Oh, and sorry about all the madness just to get a picture of us in front of the Costume Quest sign."
04/04/11 - 10:40 AM
Mr. Lingo:
"Also, I'm with Leroy Octopus, Totino's Pizza Rolls > everything."
04/05/11 - 03:20 AM
Acefox :
"@Tasha: Awesome seeing you at Wondercon! And thanks again for the awesome drawings! @Mr. Lingo: Hey we could've passed each other.."
04/06/11 - 02:12 AM
"I was never super picky, but I didn't used to like cheese. Any cheese, ever, at all. I know, right? Now I'll eat practically anything I'm not allergic to, except spaghetti and spinach. Instead of teasing me for my pickiness, my family prefers to tease me for shooting milk out my nose, like, all the time. They actually keep a tally on the bulletin board for who can make me shoot milk out my nose. I am not joking."
04/10/11 - 02:13 PM
"I was so bad, my family used to have to make me onion rings and corn dogs for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Totino's Party Pizzas remind me of grape Kool-Aid and after school episodes of Masters of the Universe. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight! (Roast beef, but MONDAY -- TOTINO'S PARTY PIZZA PIZZA PARTY!!)"
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