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Tasha - #363
04/11/11 - 08:05 PM
was too busy last week to post this, what with moving back into my apartment and cleaning cleaning cleaning like a madwoman. but, wondercon was super fun! and i got to meet lots of new nice people. cons are always inspiring...i just have to figure out how to make that inspired feeling last.
04/11/11 - 11:50 PM
"Was nice meeting you and thanks for signing some of your comics! We've read every one so far. Here are some pics from Wondercon:"
04/12/11 - 12:11 AM
Acefox :
"Hmm- now you've piqued my curiosity. Trying to remember what the creepy poster was across from you guys.."
04/15/11 - 10:31 PM
"you can glimpse part of it in the background of this picture- try not to stare too long!!!/photo.php?fbid=207221949305664&set=a.207221905972335.57495.194111130616746&type=1&theater;"
04/30/11 - 05:10 AM
"Will you guys ever come over to the European mainland? I always feel I'm missing out on all the fun..."
05/04/11 - 09:53 PM
"@marinake scott c. does sometimes. i would like to but it's kind of expensive >_<"
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