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Tasha - #365
04/19/11 - 09:40 PM
here's something to think positively about: my favorite comic strip ever, "Jim's Journal" is returning! i hope nothing happens in it, just like old times.,54716/
04/21/11 - 12:10 AM
Acefox :
"Will try to employ Operation + as I stand in line at the DMV tomorrow."
04/21/11 - 02:06 PM
"But dogs are cuter though."
04/24/11 - 04:17 PM
"pictures of cats aren't positive? What on earth are your cats DOING in these pictures?"
04/24/11 - 04:19 PM
"See, I googles your name, and THIS came up."
05/29/11 - 03:11 AM
"So I started reading some of Jim's comics. And Jim's cat is also named Mr. Peterson! Cool!"
06/21/11 - 11:12 PM
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