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Tasha - #368
05/04/11 - 08:54 PM
TCAF is this weekend! i will be there along with gabe, scott and bagel, at table 155 next to our buddy graham annable looking forward to seeing a lot of comics friends and meeting some new ones. have to try not to wear myself out! TCAF website:
05/05/11 - 11:58 AM
"Probably an art installation."
05/05/11 - 01:17 PM
"Probably some message about how the news stinks or some such thing."
05/05/11 - 02:05 PM
"Better question is why didn't you take it? Free cheese!"
05/06/11 - 01:00 AM
"Now that I think about it, a bag of cheese is the quintessential inventory item. I cant believe we didn't take it. We could've probably used it on that giant ray we saw guarding that cave."
05/06/11 - 01:01 AM
05/09/11 - 09:27 AM
"i'd be more scared of a giant manta ray floating in the air in front of a cave than a rat.. but i suppose if the ray was just flopping on the ground not able to move or breath, it wouldn't be much of a guard.."
05/10/11 - 04:31 PM
"Dangit trav! I was going to make a manta ray joke."
05/13/11 - 07:24 AM
"Was It a Manta Death-ray?"
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