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Tasha - #369
05/25/11 - 09:38 PM
whew i finally did an update, sorry it's been so sporadic lately. i've been going through a bit of an unmotivated time lately with the comics. but i'll still update them when i can. smile
05/25/11 - 11:58 PM
Acefox :
"Cool! Someone's been watching a lot of True Blood I'm guessing ;) Can't wait for part 2!"
05/26/11 - 12:41 PM
"Lee Petty the Vampire is good enough for Tasha to make 2 comics about Lee Petty the Vampire"
05/26/11 - 09:45 PM
"Sounds like it would make for one hell of a game."
06/03/11 - 04:19 AM
DF Greg:
"Tasha, I love how you draw Lee."
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