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Tasha - #372
07/07/11 - 09:00 PM
these doors stress me out.
07/08/11 - 01:31 AM
Acefox :
"what a bunch of jerk doors!"
07/08/11 - 02:14 AM
"It's the tubes I say!"
07/08/11 - 09:20 AM
"Now what happens after an apocalypse? How are all the sub-humanoids going to get out of the subways? Used to be they could crawl out under the rollbars...."
07/10/11 - 06:41 PM
"About as annoying as the Grand Marquis door head whomp I executed on Thursday. A True Winner like me does it getting out of the car at the FIRST winery of a wine-tasting trip. I guess that's so everyone staring at the hugs bag of ice on my head thinks I've drunk too much."
07/12/11 - 08:22 PM
"@poppity: they can simply vault over the doors, parkour-style! (It's easier than it looks.)"
07/14/11 - 01:19 AM
"I've just realized that your strip is basically a version of Cathy, except actually funny. Sorry..."
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