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Tasha - #373
07/15/11 - 08:28 PM
hopefully people can figure out what's going on in this comic...was a bit hard to draw.
07/15/11 - 10:44 PM
"My cats do this with not only books but with my DS/PSP as well."
07/15/11 - 11:51 PM
"Oh God, if I had a dollar for every time my cat has done this to my books/controllers/handhelds. I would be a very rich man..."
07/17/11 - 12:17 PM
Acefox :
"Oh, Mr. Peterson- foiled again!"
07/18/11 - 01:28 PM
"My cat, Charlie, always picks THE most inopportune moments to be affectionate with my controller/handheld. Bless him! I'm sure he knows *exactly* what he's doing..."
07/18/11 - 07:36 PM
"when my cat does that, she leaves a trail of cat spit and her boggers on my book, laptop ect."
07/19/11 - 09:01 AM
"roscoe used to use the pointiest paws EVAR to knead my bicep when i was lying in bed reading."
08/03/11 - 03:44 PM
"That is a really good idea."
08/25/11 - 09:31 PM
"My cat does this often with any distraction I might be holding (book, video game, food) and also, when feeling ignored, she tends to reach up and try and pull it out of my hands. :)"
09/18/14 - 12:24 PM
09/18/14 - 12:24 PM
"visit the website"
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