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Tasha - #374
07/22/11 - 08:44 PM
actually, i do this with lots of different cute fuzzy animals...i always get the urge to call them snoopy. sometimes i just go with it.
07/22/11 - 09:47 PM
"i mean "pleasantly plump", not fat. sorry snoopy!"
07/23/11 - 11:59 PM
"I was outside your guys office the other day. I made my mother (we were in the car with my whole family, I couldn't drive) drive bye it. It just felt good."
07/24/11 - 03:06 PM
"i liked ur cookie monster drawing :)"
07/25/11 - 02:58 PM
"Did you help animate Cookie Monster's eyeballs? Always my favourite thing about CM is how his eyeballs bounce :D"
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