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Greetings, backer! Here you can find a complete list of all development-related updates on Broken Age (announced as Double Fine Adventure), made possible by the support of our ridiculously amazing community! The documentary is being filmed by 2 Player Productions, and the development updates come straight from the team making the game. It's all hosted on our private backer forums. Bookmark this page or subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up to date!

Don’t forget—unless specifically stated otherwise, nothing depicted in development updates necessarily reflects final content that will end up in the game. Just about everything that goes on in game development is subject to change. Even lumberjacks. Especially lumberjacks. In fact, let’s just take lumberjacks off the table entirely.*

If you're a backer but you don't have access to the private forums, be sure to register a Double Fine Action Forums account using the same email address you used in your Kickstarter account or PayPal payment. If you did that, but you don't have access yet, please wait a full business day, because our verification system takes some time to do its thing. If you're still having an issue, send us an email. *We reserve the right to place lumberjacks on the table, off of it, under it, or in any other position with respect to the table.
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Just Take It Seriously
(April 29, 2015) Read on the Site - Discuss on the Forums
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