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You want to work at Double Fine so bad you can taste it. Maybe you didn't even know that, but you were wondering, "What's that weird taste?" It's the taste of opportunity, my friend, with undertones of ambition. But now you know, and maybe you're asking, "Who do I have to kiss up to to get a job there? Should I alter my appearance in order to increase my chances of getting an interview? Should I concentrate on my face? Or on my upper arms? How have I gone wrong in my life that I am not already working there? What can be done about my wretched life?"

Plenty! Especially if you want to be an...

Community Intern


Double Fine Productions is currently looking for a Community Intern. Candidates should be able to commit to 12 weeks of the internship and be able to work 15-20 hours per week.  Local applicants only.

Ideal candidates should be detail-oriented, display strong communication and writing skills, be self-motivated, able to work with others, and be able to function well in an environment with short deadlines and quick turnaround projects.



1. Assist with the moderation of Double Fine’s social media channels.  This includes Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, as well as our forums.
2. Collaborate with our community team to deliver messaging for our mailing list, blog post, and Kickstarter updates.
3. Assist support team with customer complaints.
4. Provide feedback to game teams/management regarding consumer sentiment.
5. Track user content consumption, site traffic growth, and user registration.




1. Strong writing and presentation skills
2. Creativity, flexibility, and variety in a fast-paced environment
3. Passionate about people, with an emphasis on the desire to solve their problems
4. A love for Double Fine games


1. Experience with Photoshop/HTML
2. Past experience with community and social media management
3. Audiovisual production/editing experience


For immediate consideration, interested and qualified candidates should go here:
Click here to Apply

Senior Visual Effects Artist


Double Fine Productions is currently looking for a highly experienced, professional Visual Effects Artist for its San Francisco studio. The primary job responsibilities are to create spectacular visual effects (both stylized and realistic) using our proprietary engine, push the state of the art in current and next-gen technology, and work closely with other disciplines including audio, gameplay, graphics, and production to bring our games to life.

The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of the creation of stunning in-game visual effects and has relevant game industry experience. The candidate should demonstrate creativity, technical and artistic skills, and have a deep understanding of how to work within the constraints of a real-time console game environment. The candidate must exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills. The role requires a minimum of 3 years of video game experience, and at least one published game on a modern platform (next gen/last gen/PC). Additional key success factors for this role include the ability to work well with others, and a passion for adding the extra polish that truly sets a game apart.


1) Work closely with the content creators to bring gameplay-appropriate effects to life.
2) Use our proprietary tools, Photoshop and other DCC apps to create and integrate visual effects.
3) Contribute to the further development of our effect authoring pipeline.
4) Contribute innovative and original ideas on all aspects of game production and development.


1) Experience creating advanced real-time visual effects out of a variety of building blocks including particles, static textures, animated textures, lights, post processing, materials, meshes and shaders.
2) Experience lighting, rendering and shading, and the knowledge to leverage the latest rendering innovations like Physically Based Shading.
3) Proficiency authoring HLSL and the ability to create stunning, shader-based visual effects.
4) Ability to create assets within the confines of real-time engine memory and performance constraints, and the ability to optimize effects to achieve the highest visual quality.
5) Excellent communication skills, including a meticulous and organized approach to the creation, naming and storage of the effects assets.
6) Proficiency with Maya or an equivalent digital content creation package.
7) Self-motivated and passionate about making video games.
8) Team player with a great work ethic.
9) Commitment to personal and peer development and sharing best practices.
10) Keeps current with the state of the art in visual effects.


1) Experience scripting tools, pipelines and workflows to overcome technical challenges
2) Experience with Python, C#, C++
3) Experience with Adobe After Effects or another 2D compositing package
4) Experience using pix, gpad, or other gpu profiling tools
5) Experience with ios/android


Due to the immediate nature of this position and current government employment-visa sponsorship restrictions, we are unable to consider foreign candidates.

For immediate consideration, interested and qualified candidates should send their resumes and samples of previously executed effects work by applying here

...or a BUNNY!

If you would like to be a bunny, I say good thinking. Because everybody loves bunnies!

We are not currently hiring bunnies, but we do have some reference here for you to study:

We are always recruiting everybody... ALL THE TIME!

If you are interested in working at Double Fine, send in your stuff! We are always interested in making contact with talented and experienced programmers, artists, animators, designers, and production people. Even if you're not looking for work right now, it's good to stay in touch because YOU NEVER KNOW.

I can't guarantee that we will be especially good about responding to each and every email we get. Sometimes we get busy and ignore that mail box for months on end. But don't give up hope. Eventually, the mail server will get full, and we'll need to delete some of the applications, so we'll all get together and read through the resumes in there and make fun of people's spelling errors or read their "Job Objective" statements in sarcastic voices and stuff like that.

But maybe we'll see your samples or your web page and all at once the laughter will stop, and our jaws will drop, and then somebody will say, "Whoa." And then I'll look at them and I'll say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" And then someone will yell, "I'm way ahead of you buddy!" as they pull up in the company bus/monster truck and as we all pile in, somebody shouts out, "LOCK AND LOAD!" And we drive full speed to your house and you come out and say "D-D-D-Double Fine? But--" and we put a finger to your lips and say, "You had us at hello!" And then your parents try to stop us because they don't understand, so we duct tape them to a streetlight and peel out, popping a wheelie all the way down the street while "Sweet Home Alabama" blares out of the radio and then you and I try to say something at the same time because we're both so excited, so then we both shut up so that the other can talk, and then we both say, "No, you go!", but then we both start talking again at the same time, and we have to just laugh until we're crying tears of joy, and we sense in our hearts that we will all be best friends forever and ever, and never think about what or who we were before. We will just enjoy the ever-unfolding kaleidoscope of happiness and discovery and adventure and laughter that lie before us.

And then we pull up to the office and I yell, "Alright, back to work suckers. And no talking!" And weld the door shut with everyone inside as I laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh, the fun.