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You want to work at Double Fine so bad you can taste it. Maybe you didn't even know that, but you were wondering, "What's that weird taste?" It's the taste of opportunity, my friend, with undertones of ambition. But now you know, and maybe you're asking, "Who do I have to kiss up to to get a job there? Should I alter my appearance in order to increase my chances of getting an interview? Should I concentrate on my face? Or on my upper arms? How have I gone wrong in my life that I am not already working there? What can be done about my wretched life?"

Plenty! Especially if you want to be an...

Associate Producer


Double Fine Productions is currently looking for a highly experienced, professional Associate Producer for its San Francisco development studio.  The primary job responsibility is to provide organizational leadership on interactive entertainment products.  The position supports a large team of highly creative and technical individuals through the effective implementation of systems and processes.

The ideal candidate has a minimum of 3 years experience as an Associate Producer and is credited on at least 1 published game supported from initial design through ship.  The ideal candidate is both friendly and outgoing and tenaciously champions an unwavering commitment to quality.  The role demands confidence, the capacity to work well under pressure, and the ability to immediately engender and sustain the loyalty and respect of the team.  The position demands proficiency in the creation of organizational systems designed to empower and enhance the productivity of the team.  A solid understanding of the process of making games, including art, code and design pipelines is essential.  Double Fine is looking for someone that can expand their current job responsibilities and tackle significant production challenges.


Assist the Producer in all aspects of production on multiple projects at once while fostering team unity and upholding a high quality of life for the team.
Manage aspects of game production as directed by the Producer, including art and animation pipeline development, design documentation, engineering milestone tracking, cutscene creation, art, programming, design, scripting, audio, production testing, internal approvals, localization, and archiving. 
Track schedules, manage assets, identify weaknesses, bottlenecks, and risks in the schedule, and troubleshoot communication and schedule dependency problems, including the creation of contingency plans to recover from setbacks.  Monitor day-to-day administration of the project, record and maintain project information and documentation, and report project status to Producer on a regular basis.  Break down large or complex projects into meaningful subprojects. 
Adapt and manage resources to meet marketing and PR needs.
Facilitate team communication and ensure timely dissemination of information.
Collaborate with the Producer and Leads to motivate and inspire the team while encouraging creativity and building group cohesion.
Proactively help establish enhanced production and development processes through which the game will be created and further exploit successful processes already in place.
Obtain management approvals for work in progress.
Maintain and enhance creative relationships with outside vendors.
Evaluation and requisition of, as well as upkeep and follow-through on, team equipment needs.
Keep a demoable version of the title current and regular.
Ensure timely delivery of necessary assets for localization, manage the implementation of localized assets, and submit localized SKUs to foreign partners.


Minimum of three years production experience with one or more complete development cycles in an Associate Producer role or the equivalent type of responsibility working with an internal development team from pre-production to ship. 
Solid understanding of the entire game development process, from content creation through testing and submission.
Strong time management skills with a proven ability to focus on priorities, risk assessment, and problem solving.  The demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
Highly motivated and ambitious self-starter with astonishing organizational skills willing to assume considerable and increasing responsibility.
Decisive, solution-oriented individual who brings his/her own input to the task at hand.
Strategic critical thinker who also demonstrates a high attention to detail.
Strong communicator using active listening skills such as clarifying, understanding, and confirming.  Strong negotiation, mediation, persuasion and conflict resolution skills are essential.
Proactive in creating efficiencies to better plan and manage projects.  Proactively seeks to anticipate problems or roadblocks and provide solutions.
Must have a working knowledge of game production scheduling as well as schedule management.  Must have considerable experience project management software including Project, Excel, and Word.  Must have a solid technical background.  Must be adept at technical problem solving and have experience working with databases.  Agile Development experience is a big plus.
Ability to adapt easily to change, to multi-task, and to work well under pressure.
A positive, can-do, whatever-it-takes attitude.
Solid knowledge of project management principles and strong follow-up skills. The ability to bring people together and drive them – be the glue that holds a group together and that makes them more than simply the sum of the individuals.
Perfectionist at heart, but able to be pragmatic when it comes to hitting deadlines.
Willingness to pitch in where required in times of high pressure and the ability to “roll with the punches”, acting in a calm and assured manner and thinking methodically through problems as they arise.



A four year Bachelors degree from an accredited college.
A passion for playing and making video games.
Is familiar with industry trends and has experience in building competitive product analyses, as well as in capturing gameplay footage and screenshots.



For immediate consideration, interested and qualified candidates should apply Apply HERE

...or a BUNNY!

If you would like to be a bunny, I say good thinking. Because everybody loves bunnies!

We are not currently hiring bunnies, but we do have some reference here for you to study:

We are always recruiting everybody... ALL THE TIME!

If you are interested in working at Double Fine, send in your stuff! We are always interested in making contact with talented and experienced programmers, artists, animators, designers, and production people. Even if you're not looking for work right now, it's good to stay in touch because YOU NEVER KNOW.

I can't guarantee that we will be especially good about responding to each and every email we get. Sometimes we get busy and ignore that mail box for months on end. But don't give up hope. Eventually, the mail server will get full, and we'll need to delete some of the applications, so we'll all get together and read through the resumes in there and make fun of people's spelling errors or read their "Job Objective" statements in sarcastic voices and stuff like that.

But maybe we'll see your samples or your web page and all at once the laughter will stop, and our jaws will drop, and then somebody will say, "Whoa." And then I'll look at them and I'll say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" And then someone will yell, "I'm way ahead of you buddy!" as they pull up in the company bus/monster truck and as we all pile in, somebody shouts out, "LOCK AND LOAD!" And we drive full speed to your house and you come out and say "D-D-D-Double Fine? But--" and we put a finger to your lips and say, "You had us at hello!" And then your parents try to stop us because they don't understand, so we duct tape them to a streetlight and peel out, popping a wheelie all the way down the street while "Sweet Home Alabama" blares out of the radio and then you and I try to say something at the same time because we're both so excited, so then we both shut up so that the other can talk, and then we both say, "No, you go!", but then we both start talking again at the same time, and we have to just laugh until we're crying tears of joy, and we sense in our hearts that we will all be best friends forever and ever, and never think about what or who we were before. We will just enjoy the ever-unfolding kaleidoscope of happiness and discovery and adventure and laughter that lie before us.

And then we pull up to the office and I yell, "Alright, back to work suckers. And no talking!" And weld the door shut with everyone inside as I laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh, the fun.