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Costume Quest comes to PC!

Hi, PC gamers! How you doin?

Click “Read the Rest” to see the press release…

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 14—Double Fine Productions is happy to announce its first PC title in over six years. The epic Halloween adventure Costume Quest is available right now on Steam! The game is available for $14.99 and includes the celebrated add-on adventure Grubbins on Ice.

“I’m still mad!” cried that one guy who always posts on our forums, “I mean, what took them so long?”

“We have always said that if it were up to us, we’d release our games for the PC,” Schafer stated in a calm but inspiring tone. “Well, now… it’s finally up to us!” he said, holding his sword in the air while everybody cheered.

“Thanks to Dracogen Strategic Investments,” said a quiet, falsetto voice that no one could figure out where it was coming from.  “Steve Dengler is so likeable and handsome, eh?” said the voice again, but this time we were starting to have suspicions about who said it, even if his lips weren’t moving much.

Costume Quest is a Role-Playing Game set on Halloween night. You play as Trick or Treaters on an urgent mission. Monsters have invaded your town, kidnapped your twin, and worst of all, they are stealing all the candy! The player builds a party, collects candy, takes on side quests, and crafts new costumes along the way. These special costumes transform them into giant fantasy warriors so they may fight a variety of monsters in exciting turn-based combat to save Halloween. It’s effing awesome.

Grubbins on Ice follows the further adventures of our young heroes as they plunge through a mystical portal into the dimension of Repugia, the very home of monster kind! New quests, new locations, new costumes, and a couple of sweet yeti jokes abound. So does a giant eyeball.

“Well, I’m a tiny bit less mad,” said the guy from the forums, “But they’d better keep making PC versions.”

“We’re working on it, eh?” said a tiny voice.

10/14/2011 - 11:47 PM
10/15/11 - 03:16 AM

"The game's entry on steam has "Double Fine Productions" as the developer/publisher, while Psychonauts has "Double Fine". They should be "merged" to a single name, so I could view all of the super fine games on one page instead of two: Fine Fine Productions"
10/15/11 - 04:18 AM

"Excellence. Thanks, Dracogen, for making this possible; and for everyone involved in making it happen. Looking forward to catching up on my Double Fine games! :)"
10/15/11 - 09:00 AM

"w00t! So glad to hear! I'm psyched to hear the other announcements as well. I hope we also get a Mac version ^_^"
10/16/11 - 12:09 PM

"Woke up this morning and saw Costume Quest on Steam's New Releases list before I saw your press release. I ran several laps around the apartment like an excited dog about to go for a car ride, and I may have sprained my clicking finger from clicking the purchase button so hard, but it's okay. I'm calm and collected now, my finger is iced, and I'm ready to play the eff out of some Costume Quest. Big thanks to DF and everyone who helped bring us CQ! Stacking next maybe? Then Trenched maybe? I must own ALL THE DOUBLE FINES. Forever."
10/16/11 - 09:50 PM
Acefox :

"Hooray! Now I must decide if I need to get a new PC for all these awesome DF games. A Tren..Iron Brigade multiplayer on PC would certainly be reason enough!"
10/17/11 - 06:44 AM

"Thanks to all those thanking me. I'm a fan too, and it's a true pleasure. (And you're welcome.)"
10/18/11 - 09:59 AM

"Loving it, such a refreshing change from much of what else is around"
10/20/11 - 02:27 AM
Jon N/A:

"Fantastic news! Looking forward to Stacking for PC as well ... Thanks a lot investor! Could you give more money to them so they can make Psyconauts 2 possible? Please?"
10/20/11 - 06:48 PM

"Just wrapped up the Costume Quest main story and enjoyed every second of it! One of my favorite Steam purchases in months! Thanks again Dracogen and big props to Tasha and everyone who worked on the CQ project. Next: GRUBBINS ON ICE."
10/24/11 - 11:07 PM

"Way late to this, but WOOHOO! So glad it did well enough to justify the leap to PC. I hope it isn't pirated into the ground, hope I'll bolster by getting it myself. With any luck, we'll even get to see what happens after the cliffhanger this time around!"
01/26/12 - 05:22 AM

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02/17/12 - 04:19 AM

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02/20/12 - 01:33 AM

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05/27/13 - 12:22 AM

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