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Dropchord now available for Leap! iOS/Android/OUYA coming soon!

San Francisco—July 22, 2013—Double Fine Productions today announced Dropchord, its new music-driven score challenge game, is now available for the innovative Leap Motion Controller on Windows and Mac. It will be released for the OUYA game console on July 31, and iOS and Android mobile devices on August 1.

Dropchord features fast-paced and addictive gameplay with a focus on music and visual effects and was developed by key members of the team behind Double Fine’s acclaimed Xbox 360 title Kinect Party. The game was financed in part by frequent Double Fine collaborator Dracogen, Inc.

“Truly, this is a cornucopia of devices and platforms. I actually didn’t even know they made this many ways to play video games!” admitted Double Fine president and CEO Tim Schafer.

“Well, I did,” said Dracogen founder Steven Dengler. “And I love them all.”

The Leap Motion Controller is the world’s most accurate 3D motion control device. It allows people to play Dropchord on their computer entirely by moving their hands and fingers in the air. OUYA is the first totally open video game console, allowing both developers and gamers a platform for creativity.

“That’s true, disembodied blog post narrator,” said Dengler. “I’m practicing playing the Leap version with my hands while I use each of my feet to manipulate the iOS and Android versions. Wait until you see how I’m managing the OUYA controller.”

“Gross,” replied Schafer.

Dropchord’s original soundtrack, contributed by a range of acclaimed musicians including Finishing Move (Brian Trifon/Brian White) and John Shamieh, along with special guests Austin Wintory (Journey, Kinect Party) and Sam Hulick (Mass Effect), is now available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

A single-track “Continuous Mix” of the soundtrack can also be streamed at Double Fine’s YouTube channel.

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