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Dropchord out for iOS, Android, and OUYA! Podcast! Soundtrack! And more!

Our new music-themed score attack game Dropchord is now out for not just Leap Motion (Windows/Mac), but also iOS, Android, and OUYA! We even got an Editor’s Choice on the iOS App Store!

To celebrate, we rounded up the team for a juicy rap session in podcast form. Project lead Patrick Hackett is joined by team members Drew Skillman, Ben Burbank, and Panya Inversin to discuss how the game was made, why it’s on the platforms it’s on, and whether they wear boxers or briefs. Check it out!

The official soundtrack—contributed by incredible musicians including Brian Trifon, Brian White, Jon Shamieh, Austin Wintory, Sam Hulick, and Paul O’Rourke—is now also available on our brand spanking new Bandcamp page, which also includes all the other Double Fine soundtracks we sell. If you prefer buying your music through Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play, Dropchord is in all of those places as well.

Finally, we’ve been sharing fun images and video from the development of Dropchord over on the Double Fine Tumblr! Just check out posts tagged as “Dropchord” for some insight into how the game together, starting back when it was just a rough prototype from project lead Patrick Hackett, codenamed “Radius.” Here’s a taste—a video showing how the visual style of the game evolved over time:

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