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Friday, May 17, 2002 - 1:00 am

I’m not sure if this page is much better than the old one, but it’s slightly less bad, and a lot more orange. I would have paid some fancy place to make us a nice web page, but I forgot to budget any cash for it.

05/17/2002 - 04:00 AM
08/23/07 - 05:22 PM

"This is long time ago :D . I was 12 at this year :D . Hm... I could actually use a magnum (icecream) right now... I think i'm going to take one. Oh.. I hope i wont' get too fat because i eat icecream :O ? Hey! i'm writing a comment in year 2002 right now..! Thats wired, because my calender says 2007... I wonder if the ice is too old then? Hmm..."
12/12/07 - 03:27 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:

"Hey, razputin, Nice to meet you in the past."
04/11/08 - 01:42 AM

"I predict that Psychonauts will win a Game of the Year award from Eurogamer, and that Double Fine Productions will then work on some sort of Brutal Legend. Man I am awesome. I also predict that Jessica Alba will fall madly in love with me, and will read this a little over five years later and realise my psychic abilities rang true and it is her FATE to love me. Jessica: I reject you. Just so everyone knows: I had a chance with Jessica Alba and I rejected her. Man not even Calavera was awesome as I am."
09/07/15 - 03:56 AM
James 33:

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