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Interview with Nick and Max Folkman, writers for MASSIVE CHALICE

Ignite Gaming (the self proclaimed greatest gaming blog of Chicago) has posted an interview with our friends Nick and Max, two fine fellows we hired to work on the story for MASSIVE CHALICE.

Here they are, look how fine they are. And Two of them? Double Fine.

What was your favorite part of the process? What was the most difficult?
Nick: The world building. It’s stressful because barely anything has been set in stone and there’s a deadline constantly over you, but it’s so much fun when you’re just bouncing ideas back and forth about stuff: like what the ending can be, how to tie in the themes, why is that Chalice so ridiculously huge, and so on. The most difficult thing… Names. Oh my god there were so many meetings about the names for the enemies, regions, and classes that we’d even bring in the whole team at some points so we could all brainstorm at the same time.

Read more of their wise words over here.

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