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450 Sutter

Okay, no one can scoop me on this because no one was there except for me and the grumpy elevator guy. I was at my doctor’s last week, and his offices are in the Grim Fandango building, aka 450 Sutter Street, San Francisco. So I took some pictures in case you’re not from SF and you wanted to see what the real Department of Death looked like:

If you click on “Read the rest” you might read a couple more words, but mostly you will see three more pictures!

When we were making Grim, we saw pictures of this awesome building in our reference books, and it inspired a lot of our architecture in El Marro and Rubacava. Little did I know that someday I’d move to the city and visit the Land of the Dead every time I went to my doctor, my dentist, or my optometrist. I got a root canal there once. Ah, memories.

02/24/2010 - 03:18 PM
02/24/10 - 04:52 PM

"Wow, amazing photos! More please! And for the record, I was *going* to scoop you on this 'Double Fine Action News Report' (I *was* there: check out the second photo - 'Blurred Unassuming Guy on Right') but then I just felt bad, so I let you have this one. ;)"
02/24/10 - 05:24 PM
Nice Cup of Tea:

"Beautiful gilt work, I'd probably sit and stare at it for half an hour before realising I'd missed my appointment. Can you remember what other interesting real-life places you used for reference in Grim Fandango?"
02/24/10 - 05:37 PM
Doctor Popular:

"It's what Ghostbusters would look like if H.R. Giger did the set design. I can't believe I haven't seen the inside of this building before."
02/24/10 - 08:10 PM

"Dentists? Dentists are for the living. I'm only after them for one reason, they're my ticket out of this toothache..."
02/25/10 - 04:16 AM

"We went and looked at the building when I visited San Francisco, it was pretty cool! Here's a picture of the whole awning, for anyone interested Francisco/Buildingoutside.jpg (I guess my mom decided she'd brave the possibility of being hit by a car.)"
02/27/10 - 12:51 PM

"Medecin, Dentistry, Optometry, truly these are the sciences of death!"
03/01/10 - 04:01 AM

"Holy crap, that's amazing"
03/01/10 - 07:23 AM

"That is super sweet. Who's the architect, the Evil Shandor?"
03/02/10 - 07:23 PM

"Tim, i lived a block away from there for two years... and for two years I was convinced that was the DOD! Finally! Closure!"
03/02/10 - 11:45 PM

"Someone needs to put a poster for the number nine up on those walls and take a picture."
03/23/10 - 09:51 AM

"This is how all medical facilities should look."
06/08/11 - 03:53 AM

"wow, totally amazing pictures! all those carvings must be hand-made and they remind me of some ancient Egyptian artworks I saw once Anyway, I have to agree with you saying that it looks like a real Department of Death, cause the atmosphere in the building with such a design must be a bit depressive. I wish I could check that."
09/06/15 - 07:05 PM
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10/22/15 - 03:59 AM
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