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Congratulations Bioware!

Tim Schafer Tim

Great work on your awesome game, Brütal Legend!

J/k. I hear there were a lot of cards mis-printed that night. Good thing I wasn’t there or I would have gone nut sh!t on those awards people.
But no, I wouldn’t have, because I would have been too busy being happy, because Brütal Legend won two AIAS Awards!
We won for Best Soundtrack, which was of course our divine right, granted to us by the Gods of Metal.
And we also won for Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year! Holy Ess! Nice!!!

It was a magical evening that could only have been made better if I wasn’t enjoying it curled up in bed with my laptop and a mug of Theraflu. I couldn’t be at the show because I got some sort of nasty throat infection which I somehow still have, and I now think I will just always have. My throat hurts a lot but I’ve lost a little weight on the “Everything I eat hurts like a handful of glass shards going down my throat” diet, so I got that going for me.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah! Good work on that game, Canadian strategy masters!

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