450 Sutter

Okay, no one can scoop me on this because no one was there except for me and the grumpy elevator guy. I was at my doctor’s last week, and his offices are in the Grim Fandango building, aka 450 Sutter Street, San Francisco. So I took some pictures in case you’re not from SF and you wanted to see what the real Department of Death looked like:

If you click on “Read the rest” you might read a couple more words, but mostly you will see three more pictures!

When we were making Grim, we saw pictures of this awesome building in our reference books, and it inspired a lot of our architecture in El Marro and Rubacava. Little did I know that someday I’d move to the city and visit the Land of the Dead every time I went to my doctor, my dentist, or my optometrist. I got a root canal there once. Ah, memories.