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BAFTED again!

Tim Schafer Tim

See what I mean? Right after I put up that post about our award nominations, I get scooped! By my own comments section!
It turns out we are also nominated for a BAFTA for Brütal Legend’s story. Very exciting!

I will admit that as far as trophies go, I think I like the BAFTA most of all. If you win you get this eerie golden mask that makes you feel like you belong to a satanic cult or a sect of sun worshipers. Or maybe you’re an extra in Eyes Wide Shut. And it has a hole in one eye that you can look through just like that old Steve Austin action figure with the Bionic Eye, except I would never hold that BAFTA mask up to my face in fear of it melding with my flesh and making me dance like Jim Carrey.

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