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Double Fine wins Developer of the Year!

Tim Schafer Tim

Oh, wait. That was kind of a spoiler. Forget you read that part.

Team Xbox has announced their awards for 2009, and we got three of them!

Click on “Read the rest” to find out which awards we got.
Come on, you know the suspense is killing you!
Or at least, irritating you slightly.
If not then, it must be irritating you now.

How about now?


Best Story: Brütal Legend
“Fans of developer Double Fine and the studio’s iconoclastic leader Tim Schafer were fully expecting the writing and storyline to be one of the tent-pole elements of their game, Brütal Legend. After all, this is the same man that brought the funny in Psychonauts, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, to name a few. A great story, based off a great concept (i.e. what would the ultimate heavy metal fantasy world be like), infused with wit and humor is Schafer’s stock in trade. Eddie Riggs, as voiced by Jack Black, is one of the best main characters in a video game in a long time, and he’s got a great cast of rock-and-roll stereotypes and in-jokes surrounding him. And for all the jokes and satire, the overall story arc comes together in a great way in the end, tying in a love story in a quite neat and satisfying way. For fans, it’s as if Schafer can do no wrong.”

Best Sound: Brütal Legend!
“In Brütal Legend, Tim Schafer and his development studio Double Fine put together a comical spin on the world of metal music, poking fun at the attitudes and posturing by the bands, the personalities involved in touring and…well, all that hair. But when it comes to a soundtrack, Schafer made sure that the music was front and center, and, best of all, it showed the diversity of metal’s many flavors. He made the music a star character in Brütal Legend, and that character is a winner.”

Developer of the Year: DOUBLE FINE!!!
Double Fine makes its game worlds and characters come alive. Double Fine has had a rough history with its game releases, having had to move from publisher to publisher with both Psychonauts and this year’s Brütal Legend. However, Tim Schafer and his band of merry gamemakers haven’t ever let that detract from creating games that have it all: entertaining scripts, characters that are rich in personality, detailed graphics, creative stories and, best of all, great gameplay. Double Fine does more than bang out a game and move on to the next project. Its employees pour their hearts into the work and genuinely seem to enjoy their toiling, undiscouraged by whatever might be happening on the business side. We can’t wait to see what the studio comes up with next.”

Me neither!

Thank you, Team Xbox!!!

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